Drawing a dragonfly with styled lines (PSP)

June 9, 2008 at 03:57 (Tutorials)

Choose a teardrop shaped preset shape and draw a longish teardrop with the line style set a beaded line, width set at 2 or 3 and the background colour closed off.

Convert to raster and duplicate, and then using you pick tool, align them at the angle you want them to be. Merge visible.

Layers – Duplicate, then Image – Mirror, and move it a bit farther away, like this. Dont’t merge the two sets of wings yet, because you might want to move them in a slightly different position after you’ve drawn the body.

Choose your pen tool, with the beaded line set at 4 or 5, and choose the freehand option, and draw the body. Then switch back to a smaller size and draw the two feelers.

Merge visible. Now you can colourize and apply any effect you want to.Select all – Float – Defloat, and apply the effect you want to.

I applied a Super Blade Pro preset for this one.

I chose a different styled line for drawing the wings as described above, but for the body I used the ellipse preset shape. I then filled the body and the wings with a pattern and applied Eye Candy Glass (on a separate layer) and I used an SPB silver preset for the outline.

Have fun!


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  1. Tich said,

    Another great Tutorial Thankyou xxxx

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