Curled frame with flower tutorial (PSP)

June 21, 2008 at 23:40 (Tutorials)

Open a new canvas and with your rectangle preset shape tool draw out a fairly thick frame (colour of choice, backgrpound colour turned off), convert to raster, then apply any effects you want to (I had a 500 x 500 pixel canvas and the preset shape tool set to 70, and after drawing the frame I resized the canvas to 800 x 800 to give me plenty of room).

Choose the flower or doodle you want to place in the curl, so you have a rough idea of how big a curl you want and of its angle.

Effects – Plugins – Av Bros Page Curl

These were the settings I used, but you will need to play around with the settings to come up with the type of curl you want, depending on the size of your frame.

Curl / Up
Angle: 231
Level: 21
Backside: Define – From current layer
Shading: 16 (you can adjust this by pressing the button with the sun-like image on the right side, I prefer a light shading)

Now position your flower or doodle where you want it to be, apply any effect you want to (I applied the same effects as I did to the frame, and I also added a slight bevel and a slight drop shadow to make it stand out), and then erase the parts outside the curl.

I then erased a part of the frame. This is the end result:

I found a thicker frame gives better curls and then I can just erase a part of the frame to get what t I like.

The same frame after applying Eye Candy Chrome and a Super Blade Pro preset.

Have fun!



  1. ropy70 said,

    good tutorials
    thanksssssssssss for you

  2. SonGroodyJedy said,

    Oh my god loved reading your blogpost. I submitted your rss to my blogreader.

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