Notepaper tutorial (PSP)

June 22, 2008 at 18:52 (Tutorials)

Open a new canvas and with your preset rectangle tool draw out a paper (foreground closed, background: colour of choice). Convert to raster and apply any effects you want to (I used Mura Meister’s Cloud filter and a spatter brush, and a paper texture effect from Filters Unlimited).

Select all – Float – Defloat, then apply the Jeux de lignes / Entrelecemant filter (which is a freeware plugin and can be downloaded here). You will need to play with the settings to get the type of lines you want to (I used a line spacing of 28, a thickness of 1 and lowered the opacity a bit, and played with the colours to get dark blue lines).

You have a basic notepaper or index card, which you can now embellish any way you want to. Add a tube, add a crumple or a burnt edge, put some text on it, etc.

Here’s another one. I made a light green background, applied the Cloud filter, then I put a flower picture over it, and lowered the opacity. I then found a ding font with ladybugs and coloured them. Finally, I added the text.

Have fun!



  1. MJ said,

    very cute papers. thankyou

  2. Needle Dreams said,

    Thank You for the tutorial. This is much easier to do than the way I have been doing it.

  3. Liza said,

    Thank you for the tutorial. It is very nice. May I ask you where did you find the “cartoons” of cats? Are they dingbats or fonts or? Thanks.

  4. macskosz said,

    Dear Liza,

    It came as a tube in one of my groups. I have no idea where it!s from.

  5. Denise said,

    These are so cute…Thanks for sharing

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