Kitty paperclips freebie

July 24, 2008 at 01:22 (Scrap freebies)

Click image to download.



  1. SherryD said,

    So cute! Thanks for sharing

  2. Gayle said,

    LOVE the kitty clips! Thanks for including the psd format as well as the psp. 🙂

  3. Lisa (risalenee) said,

    Really cute, but how about some dog things? 🙂


  4. TravlynWomyn said,

    These are terrific – thank you so much for an excellent tut.

  5. Cheryl aka Sugie said,

    I just LOVE all of your kitty items. Thank You so very much.
    You do fantastic work 🙂

    Do you make any Ferret items ??

    Have a great weekend , and thanks again.


  6. macskosz said,

    Dear Cheryl.

    I’m into kitties right now, but I might branch out into ferrets at some later time. 🙂



  7. Kat said,

    thankyou so very much I just love cat of all kinds big ones smallone tame ones even wild ones they are beautifull animals thank you for sharing this gift with us all and bless you and your talent and the time you give so freely to make you beautifull creations bless upon you all .

  8. Sherry Masterson said,

    Thanks for the Kitty Paperclips..I’m constantly on the “prowl” for cat embellies!

  9. Kiri said,

    But.. I actually want to BUY these paper clips! Some company should take up your idea and manufacture some of your items 🙂 Thanks for the awesome graphics!

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